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The Most Amazing Part? This Simple 5-Step Mind-Hack Will Set You Squarely Inside Your Customers Most Private Conversations to Instantly Boost Your Conversions, send your sales soaring into the 6-figure range, helping you identify EXACTLY what you must say to Make Your Customers Buy Now…Alleviating the Discomfort Caused By Cart Abandonment…


(The Secret? Use it BEFORE Infusing NLP & Conversational Hypnosis into Your Sales Copy).


YES…Clients’ say these “Hacks” are so powerful, that you’ll wonder how you ever SOLD a thing before you discovered what you’re about to learn here today…

So If You Like NLP and Conversational Hypnosis…You’ll Love the NLP Mind-Hack Blueprint Research System…Because this Blueprint Puts NLP & Conversational Hypnosis on Steroids! (And get’s you conversions like I get—imagine 91% email open-rates…15% sales page conversion rates…and 69% capture page opt-in rates…)


Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you’d like to see 3X’s more sales (in sales letters and in person), continually push-your customers buy-now button, and avoid the most common reasons why people abandon your cart (when they’re SO close to buying you can taste it!)…

Then you’ll want to pay close attention. 

(If you’re skeptical, you haven’t reviewed my Top .01% internationally ranked reputation for crafting mind-hacking sales copy. You’ll learn more about that whole business shortly…)

First, I need to tell you something.

I wasn’t always a top sales copywriter (or Mind-Hacking NLP Master)

Back when I first began writing NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy, I fell into the most commonly overlooked pitfall you can imagine…

(Maybe you’ve struggled to get your customers to pay attention, trust you and buy instantly before?)

You see, many years ago, before I became world renowned for crafting the words that deliver you sales…

I made the same mistake 99.7% of NLP sales copywriters and business owners do. I thought that by simply infusing the phrases into my sales copy, I could dramatically increase my conversions. 

Sure, I got “mediocre” conversions that way. 

Here’s the problem. I believe “mediocre” stinks like a dead carcass rotting in the sunlight. (sorry for the graphic image, but sales copy without conversions truly stinks that bad!)

I mean, when you stop and think about it, “mediocre” means you leave a lot of FREE MONEY on the table.

Money your competitor can swoop by and collect the second your “could have been” customer walks away from you, and becomes enchanted by them.

So it doesn’t matter if you want to implement this to finally become wealth…or walk back into your class reunion and shock all those people who doubted you…or finally stop feeling ashamed every time you look at your conversion rate, and your bank account. 

This. Is. Your. Answer. But don’t simply take my word for it…

Learn more. Really think about how much more powerful your sales copy (and sales process) becomes when you infuse it with powerful psychological hacks that allow you to slip past your customers subconscious MIND BARRIER…

And finally see all those sales you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

Now I could tell you to stop and imagine all the sales you’ll make by leveraging the powerful, proven method I’m about to reveal to you—but I’ll do you one better.

Before you click Buy Now, I want you to see just a taste of what you’ll be learning when you crack open this Instant Mind-Hacking Implementation Guide.

  • You’ll get 10X’s the juicy covert deep-penetrating knowledge, in 1/10th the time (by leveraging my time-saving FSCSS method)
  • You’ll uncover the exact Mind-Trance Research Methods I use to weave my way through the maze of “false info” out there and ONLY pick out the juiciest, most deeply secretive tidbits (without asking a single prying question, to a single customer)
  • You’ll discover my Proprietary (and never-before-revealed) 5-step Mind-Hack Method to uncovering your clients’ deepest desires (push these hot-buttons and you’ll see 3X’s the number of people pushing your Buy Now button)
  • You’ll how I write directly to my clients’ customers subconscious mind, without every meeting them in person (learn this trick, and you’ll never need to run a single expensive research group for as long as you live!)
  • You’ll KNOW exactly what your client wants you to ADD to your product or service (and exactly what they believe holds zero value—so you can drop it fast)
  • You’ll understand the importance of building your “I’ve Tried XYZ” list, exactly WHERE to infuse it into your sales copy to skyrocket sales like fireworks on Independence day (Plus you’ll discover the seriously sneaky place I go to find ALL of my highest converting fodder)
  • You’ll avoid the shame, frustration, and wasted time that comes along with simply “adding in a few NLP phrases” (and know that when you send targeted traffic, you’ll instantly begin to see more sales)
  • You’ll IDENTIFY YOUR CLIENTS BIGGEST OBJECTIONS (and dissolve them like salt in water, before they cause major cart abandonment!)
  • You’ll literally INFUSE every sales, marketing and copy campaign you tackle with nitrous, allowing you to fly toward your financial goals faster than you’ve ever imagined possible…
  • And Much, Much More

The best part? There’s no fluff! No filler! No randomness…

Because all those things are time wasters. In fact, I’ve taken this entire proven method for hacking into your clients’ subconscious mind (and allowing you to see sales like Macy’s on Black Friday), and boiled it down to just a short, sweet n’ simple, step-by-step System. The NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint.

I’ve personally used these “Mind-Hacks” (Yes this very SAME Blueprint Research System) to generate millions from sales copy for my clients…

And now you can model after me and apply them to your business right now. 

Even if you’ve struggled to identify what’s been missing from your marketing campaign for as long as you can remember…

And even if you’ve felt like nothing will work, no matter what you do!

You can take a deep breath and relax…

Because you’ve finally discovered the answers you’ve been seeking. Once you get a strong foothold here, everything else just seems to fall-together, and make perfect sense!

Originally this VOLUME of knowledge towered more than 147 pages, but then I realized that you don’t need to know everything…you just need to know how to sneak past your customers subconscious mind barriers and WHERE to say WHAT so you triple your sales in seconds.

That’s why I’ve made it simple AND affordable for you…

You see, you’re getting instant access to my simple, yet powerful Mind-Hack Research blueprint.

(Literally a Copy. Rinse. Repeat. Profit method you can begin using today).

And as you walk with me through the entire process, you’ll finally discover

  1. EXACTLY where to click, and what to collect
  2. EXACTLY which words and questions you’ll want to use and
  3. EXACTLY where to use them in your sales copy,

All boiled down to a powerful, tested, and 1000X’s PROVEN Blueprint…

So you can immediately implement each step to boost your business sales.


Don’t Believe Me Until You Read

Why My Clients’ All Rate Me 5/5 Stars, Every Time…

  would_not_look_for_someone_else_if_I_have_her_testimonial made_extra_efforts_to_ensure_I_was_more_than_satisfied_with_her_work_testimonial incredible_testimonial give_an_extra_star_testimonial ezurbub_for_top_of_sales_page do_use_her_if_ou_want_value_for_your_money_testimonial a_professional_genius_testimonial 7900_testimonial_from_chain


After Reading that Many Powerful Testaments to What You’ll Be Learning

You’re Probably Wondering…

What Should I Expect to Invest in this Mind-Hacking Blueprint System


The fact is, the reason I get up to

  • 91% email open-rates
  • And up to 15% sales page conversion rates
  • And even up to 69% capture page opt-in rates

Is because I do MORE than infuse NLP Language Patterns and Hypnotic Buy-Now phrases into my sales copy. While that certainly helps, simply weaving together a bunch of words and phrases together kind of defeats the purpose…

Why? Because NLP is just that; Neuro-Linguistic. (In laymens terms, Neuro means Brain, and Linguistic means Language, so It’s Brain-Language)

Think about this for a moment…

What would it be like to Remove Your Chains, and literally know exactly what to say to ANYONE who speaks ANY Brain Language?

What will it feel like to finally see those “you’ve got a sale” alerts piling up in your inbox?

And when you look at your bank account, and realize that you’re not imagining that huge number you’ve worked SO hard (I’m talking sweat, blood and tears) to see…how much excitement will rush through your veins?

LISTEN….You need to be able to dig deep into your clients’ subconscious minds, their beliefs, their desires, their disappointments—

Their BRAIN—and only then can you leverage the powerful phrases you grabbed in my free Ebook for pure profits.

Just imagine, knowing exactly WHAT your client desires, and even HOW they want you to deliver it through your products and services…

Yes, even HOW to overcome their biggest objections—without ever speaking a word, or asking a single question.

You’re getting a crash-course in market research, the RIGHT way, without having to pay to attend a #1 University (like I did), or invest $225,000 in education (like I did), or pay people to tell you what they think you want to hear (like most business owners do)…

And while I know I could charge $497.00 for this proven Mind-Hack System (and I will in the near future), I won’t even charge you a fraction of that, nor will you invest $197.00

You might think I’m a bit crazy for giving away the farm like this, especially after spending days sifting through 147 pages, and cutting it down to the “only what you need to know to increase your sales now” blueprint portions…so you might think I’d charge you $147. Because I’ve personally crafted compelling, converting sales copy (among the top .01% in the world, in fact) for more than 17 years, I’m offering this amazing “copy n paste” Mind-Hack blueprint to you for a single, 1-time investment of just $97.00 $47

So if you’re ready to discover THE amazing secrets capable of injecting a surge of adrenaline into your marketing, producing higher response rates, and a dramatic increase in your conversions and sales, then it’s vital that you take the first step right now…

Yes, Diane I Want Instant Access to Your

NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint System


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Now I could try to make you buy now by adding in some “scarcity” but I believe that will only lower my credibility. I mean, if you want to see why you should buy it now, all you would need to do is go and type in my business name, or my personal name and you’d see a mile-long list of 5-star feedback from more than 1000 clients…

And I could try to add in a bunch of bonuses here, with inflated “values” to show you that you’re getting far more value than you are investing…

But you probably already realize how valuable knowing how to hack into your client’s mind is, without asking them a single embarrassing question—without reading their eyes—without watching their movements—without mirroring them…

You know how powerful this knowledge is, and how quickly it can allow you to see sale after sale after sale flow into your account…

So the question then becomes, how much is it worth to you to be able to dig-deep into your customers subconscious mind—and use THEIR words, to sell more of what you offer.

Plus know exactly what they want you to sell to them (so you can add the right products and services, all delivered in the format they want).

I don’t have to tell you what that means for your life…your income…and your business.

You can imagine it yourself…

The question is, wouldn’t you love to stop imagining it, and experience it in real-life?

Take a Deep Breath and Relax…

You’re Covered By My Personal Risk-Free No-Hassle Guarantee

My reputation means more to me than anything…(except my clients’ conversions, of course!)

So you can trust me when I say that you’ve never seen this before, that you can instantly put it to practical use, and that you’ll finally hold the power to peek deep beneath the surface of your customers’ most private, intimate, “push this button and I’ll buy now” thoughts.

Now more than ever, I believe it’s important to act with ethics, so here’s what I’m going to offer you. If you don’t glean at least 3 unbelievably powerful research tips that boost your sales from this The NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Blueprint, I’ll craft you a hypnotic sales email (a $197 value) 100% Free.  Because if you’re like me, you’re ethical and determined, so you don’t want your money back—it’s not worth the hassle—you want to SEE MORE SALES. Sales that happen every single day, over and over again. Sales that take you to that next level.

So that’s what I’ll guarantee you. If you put this into practice, and you’re not seeing more sales, simply send me your research, and I’ll craft you a hypnotic emails guaranteed to get you more sales–because let’s face it–while this is easy for most people, everyone has their weak spot (I can’t write a compelling childrens’ story to save my life–that’s why I’m a sales copywriter)

Just one more thing…

Before you begin wondering what you’ll do if you have questions, stop. You won’t be the first person, or the last to have questions, which is why you’ll get instant email access to me to ask all the questions you’d like about this method, at no additional charge, immediately after you invest just $197.00 $47 in this powerful Mind-Hack Research Blueprint.

No matter if you buy now, or wait to buy until you need a life-raft to prevent your competition from drowning you, I wish you the best of luck in all of your business ventures.


Diane Boerstler, M.NLP, Conversational Hypnotist, and

Top .01% Internationally Ranked Sales Copy Conversion Expert

P.S. Please note that this is COPYWRITTEN information, and 100% proprietary. Unless you’re a private coaching client you’ve never seen anything like this Fast, Easy Mind-Hack Blueprint before…and you may not, under any circumstances, reproduce it anywhere–without prior written permission.

P.S. #2: If you’d like to see MORE testimonials, and re-read the ones you just read (so you know you’re real) you’re welcome to check out my profile on Elance. You can’t tamper with testimonials there, which is why I maintain some clients’ there, to keep me honest–and so the world knows I’m the real-deal.

Just one more thing…I promise! One of my clients’ recently wrote me and said I generated $42,000 in business for him (a one-man band consultant), in just 3 days–with one single sales letter–yes, this Mind-Hack Blueprint is very powerful–and THE starting point you must start from if you’d like to triple your sales…


Yes, Diane I Want Instant Access to Your

NLP HypnoCopy Mind-Hack Research Blueprint System


<<Click Here If You Want to Pay without Signing Up for a PayPal Account>>



Remember, I’m here for you if you have any questions. You can call me now at 206-914-5451 (yes that’s my REAL number) or you can email me and get a fast response at

Warmest Wishes!


P.S. if you decide to go away and “think about it”, you’ll pay more when you return.  Why pay more?  What’s to think about? Your purchase is guaranteed. 

P.S. #2…One more thing. If you were to pay me for just this research alone, you’d be looking at more than $250 an hour. Now you can Hack into Your Clients Mind and Make them Buy NOW without worrying you’re doing it right–so even if you’d failed before, you’re guaranteed to succeed with this–no matter what!


89% Open Rate for Emails… It IS Possible. Here’s How…


Still Need to Grab Your SWIPE FILE?


Good Day Fellow NLP Infused Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Affiliates!

(Whew! That was a mouthful)

If you’ve been struggling to get your emails OPENED, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Last week I decided to run a split-test on a few simple email headlines (and the results may surprise you).

First know that this was an UNTARGETED list of people (and these types of lists tend to get the lowest open rates).

I tapped into this list because I wanted to split-test COLD…meaning I wanted to see how they worked with people with whom I’ve build no rapport…

Here are the headlines I sent out, and here are the results:

Headline #1: “Our Biggest Manifestation Ever”– 32.14% Open Rate. 24.8% Click-Thru Rate

Headline #2: “RE: The Answer to Your Question”– 35.34% Open Rate. 34% RESPONSE Rate (34% of people emailed me back!)

Headline #3: (THE WINNER) “I need to ask you this…”–88.64% OPEN RATE. 45% RESPONSE rate (45% of people wrote back!)

Headline #4: (And in 2nd Place) “I forgot to ask you lately…”–56.28% Open Rate. (Same email as above, 47% response rate)

I based these 4 email headlines on 3 premises:

Premise #1: People want to feel inspired about success, thus “Our Biggest Manifestation Ever”. I didn’t know if the people on that list even knew what a manifestation was, and with the average email open rate dropping to a pittiful 10% average in the last year (for even high-targeted lists) 32% open rate sure feels great!

Premise #2: People are afraid to miss out on “answers”…even if they don’t know which question their answering! That’s why “RE: The Answer to Your Question” received an open rate of 35.34%.

Premise #3: The Subconscious Mind Always Needs to GIVE an answer when asked a question.  So “I need to ask you this” and “I forgot to ask you lately” received record-breaking open rates.

I checked with quite a few of my sales copywriting friends this weekend when I saw that 88.65% open rate, and no one–NO ONE has ever received an open rate that high.

And since we’re focusing on analysis this morning, and learning HOW to craft hypnotically compelling open rates, I’d just like to remind you.

NLP HypnoCopy offers you THREE options to allow you to finally SEE the profit increase you’ve been imagining (and all the benefits you’ve been dreaming come with it!)…

Option #1 (Most Popular): I’ll craft your hypnotically compelling copy by infusing NLP deep-psyche language patterns into anything that leverages the power of words to make more sales. The result? You see more sales, more opt-in’s and more customers who WANT what you’re offering (without the hype, the unpleasantness or the “guilt” of selling…). With one simple 10 minute form, you’ll be on your way to seeing more sales–within 7-10 days (Share your vision when you click here now!)

Option #2: (Highest LIFETIME Return on Your Investment): I’ll TRAIN you to craft your own hypnotically compelling copy by helping you discover how, when and where to infuse all those NLP deep-psyche, subconscious barrier dropping language patterns into your OWN sales copy (or use it to earn hundreds an hour consulting with your clients…) (Classes begin soon, so contact me now if you’re interested…)

Option #3: (Best When You’re Feeling Stuck!): I’ll SHOW you how you can improve your business model, magnetize your sales funnel, add more value, and increase your revenue, on the front-end, and back-end so you stop leaving money on the table, build an army of customers who love to talk about your products, and it help you put your business on “almost-auto-pilot” so you’re spending less time doing the things you dislike–and more time doing all those things I’d imagine you’d rather be doing! (Getting started is easier than you think–in fact 1000’s of customers say it’s the easiest, best and most profitable move they’ve made in years! Just think about how many more sales you’ll see when you have an invisible sales force of “top selling words” working for you 24/7/365–without ever needing a holiday, vacation pay or benefits..). Sounds simple? It is. Just click here to share your vision, your struggles and what you’d like from me, and I’ll get back to you shortly with a guaranteed flat rate quote.

One Last Thing…

We currently have ONE opening in our monthly client retainer program. If you’re interested in getting 25% off of your sales copy, because you’re willing to commit to seeing more sales month over month, then you’ll want to send me a request HERE. Monthly retainer programs begin at just $500 a month and allow you to custom-craft the copy you need, at the time you need it–every month so you’ll never have to wait again for customer-compelling copy.


Think about it…

Never struggle through writing another sales email, sales page, opt-in page, sales article, or ad again

And with open rates as high as 90%, sales page conversions as high as 20% and rapid rapport building words that help accelerated how quickly your customer say YES, you’re sure to quickly recoup your monthly investment.

Simply pick from a long list of sales copy options (I’ll send it to you before you enroll so you know you’re getting exactly what you desire)…

Then BEFORE the date you’ll need it, you’ll get your copy, post it, and begin to see more sales.

Customers say, “Nothing could be simpler”, and after just one month of seeing sales that explode like fireworks on Independence Day, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Contact Me Here to Enroll in the 25% Off Monthly Copy Retainer


P.S. #3: I promise, this is the LAST THING…

If you understand how your subconscious mind can block you from success, and you’re sick and tired of saying “affirmations” and making “vision boards” with poor results, you’ll love what you’re about to discover…

You’ll discover how to quickly and easily…

  • Eliminate your financial blocks (and every block you face for the rest of your life–in less than 60 minutes!)
  • Transform your limiting beliefs to UNSTOPPABLE CHEER LEADERS that propel you to reach your goals (imagine effortlessly achieving your goals–on autopilot! It’s possible, no matter how skeptical you are–but you’ll need to take one simple step forward to find out how)
  • FINALLY begin to see the results you’ve been imagining (some people see huge MONEY & CUSTOMER increases the same day!)…
  • And MORE…

All with just ONE 60 minute session (and a little bit of work in your spare time)

It’s only $250, and you’ll begin to see bigger paydays faster than you’ve imagined before…

If you’re interested in a 100% 60 Minute MIND-TRANSFORMATION Coaching Session, feel free to contact me now.



Did you overlook this when you got your Swipe File?


Still Need to Grab Your SWIPE FILE?



Attention: Business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs  

Who Else Wants to Get More Sales…More Happy Customers…Build More Rapport with Clients…and Hear “YES” Over and Over Again…


…the Amazing Thing, Of Course, Is the Speed at Which You’ll Begin to Experience Higher Profits, Easier-to-Convert Leads and Higher Search Engine Rankings. It is Rather Remarkable That You Can Double Your Profits in 6 Months or Less! (Sounds unbelievable? That’s healthy and warranted. Keep reading to discover why this is different…)

“I almost hate to share my secret weapon…”






Dear Friend, Now more than ever…the internet is overflowing with customers looking to buy

Maybe you’re tired of waiting to see more than your fair share?

Listen… If you want to double the number of qualified leads you attract, double the money you see rolling into your business, and leave your competition wondering where they’re sales went, This might be the most important information you’ll ever read.

Here’s why. I have just released a confidential Private List Only program called the “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy Series You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers TRUST YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU”. It’s like a sales seduction power house…a done-for-you sales-funnel-in-a-box. (that’s 100% customized to compel your clients to say YES) Without having to waste your better-spent time, energy and effort struggling to learn how to write all the sales copy you’ll need to suck consistent leads and money through your funnel!


Here is just a taste of what you’ll see happening in your life after a small one-time investment that delivers a lifetime of sales (because you shouldn’t have to invest over and over again if you do it right the first time):

  • How tiny “stealth” embedded commands leveraged by NLP practitioners, hypnotics and covert submission experts are infused throughout your custom-created sales copy to incite BUYERS to join-your-email-list and buy faster and faster and faster (What will it feel like to copy and paste, send it out and sell in the next 7 days?)
  • How to get more respect and increase your prestige. (Your new sales copy will help you LIVE the reality as the “go-to” provider…helping you to become the most respected, in demand person in your market!)
  • The mysterious power of naturally placed “NLP Language Patterns” and “Conversationally Hypnotic Embedded Commands”-once you’ve unleashed your new sales copy, you’ll begin to see profits explode like a fireworks display on the fourth of July! (Sound too good to be true? It ONLY works because your sales copy resonates, build’s rapport and incites instant action from your customers.)
  • Instantly begin to see more sales, and a list that grows and grows and grows—with almost no effort! ( I just get so darned frustrated when I think about how people use this to scam—so only sign up now if you have a REAL product that solves problems!)
  • How to get more money (without learning how to write your way out of a paper bag)! (You’ll see how this done-for-you System allows you to get more, from every customer—and since your new sales copy builds that “I LOVE you” rapport, you’ll be able to raise your pricesattract even more clients…and finally get paid the money you deserve!)
  • The exact crafted-for-you implementation instructions that deliver a stampede of new, paying clients from your new sales copy (You will never again have to worry about where your next client is coming from. Simply post. Send traffic. See more sales. It’s that simple!)
  • The ultimate step-by-step profit generating system that makes your success easy. (Make bucket-loads of cash without sacrificing your lifestyle.)
  • You’ll discover how easily you can finally put your business on autopilot so you can sit back and relax. (You might feel a little guilty about all the money you make with so little work!)
  • How to get more qualified leads in a month than your competitors get all year! (Struggling to attract new business? Post your new created-to-entrance-your-clients sales copy and unleash your client attraction super powers!)
  • Yes, you can finally see working for you that “top secret” NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy you can immediately use to DOUBLE your income without doubling the amount of work you do. (Not only will you rake in more money, you’ll also have a LOT more FREE TIME to enjoy the money you’re making. What will you do with all your extra time once you see all that money flow into your account?)
  • How YOU can be the person who has more business than you can handle, who is helping your clients and having fun—while your competitors are sitting around complaining about the lack of work.
  • How to leverage the power of action-inciting images and color psychology to build trust, rapport and increase your status in the eyes of your prospects and clients. (You don’t need to know squat about technology to use this secret!)
  • A complete, step by step autopilot system that will hand you an army of link-sharing storm troopers who do your marketing for YOU…free! (When you resonate and build rapport with your ideal clients, and you leverage this to deliver HIGH QUALITY content (which you’ll never have to write) you’ll not only save time—I GUARANTEE that you’ll begin to see new leads and sales pouring in at a rate you’ve never experienced before!)
  • A powerful stealth systematically crafted sales copy funnel that pre-qualifies your prospects, educates them, sets their buying criteria and makes you the only logical service provider in your market!
  • More traffic. Yes, with 2014 updated Google-Loving SEO LSI Semantics infused into your sales copy you’ll see increases in how quickly your sales copy soars up the search engine rankings by at least 297%… This is a very sophisticated strategy which enhances how quickly FREE traffic begins to send those sales flowing through your door…and position you as that TRUSTWORTHY provider Google loves most.
  • A classy set of “I want to open it” emails that force your prospects to stay in touch, keep YOUR name and products at the top of their mind and position you as that “go-to” expert in the business niche or field of your choice…when you used alone this strategically crafted, hand-written-for-you email series will double your profits within the next 12 months.
  • Plus you’ll get a full “Red-Flag Sales Funnel Review” of your current website so that you can easily avoid the 3 biggest mistakes business owners make online…the same mistakes that are costing you clients, leads and sales and you’ll understand how to immediately fix the problem so you transform your online space into an automatic client generation machine!

 “Three Powerful Reasons Why You Should

Believe What I Say”

Reason One: I’m not directly involved in your business which is good for everyone because I’ve crafted the sales copy that delivers profits for 1,000’s. In fact, I have 1,000’s of business owners from every corner of the world including UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, UAE, Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, the United States and so many other’s I can’t remember…business owners and online marketers who rely on my money-making advice. In fact, I’ve helped mom and pop’s, coaches, consultants, speakers, CPA’s, authors, entertainers, photographers, linguists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and other types of entrepreneurs grow their business and make more money. Because of that you’re getting more than “sales copy” like you might see from someone who just “rinses and repeats”. You’re getting cutting edge, innovative and powerful NEW NLP infused hypnotic language patterns custom-linked with proven sales converting tactics…for attracting more leads, making more sales and making more money… Psychological Conversion Creating Language Patterns I’ve Tried, Tested and NEVER Shared Before with anyone (except my husband, of course…)

Reason two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 365 NO RISK Unlimited Edits GUARANTEE. Yes, I won’t stop until You’re 100% Satisfied. You’ll be stunned when you hear about it in a few minutes. None of the so called sales copywriting “gurus” would dare to make such a outrageous guarantee. By now offering you the same guarantee my clients have tested and proven to be more-than-fair for the last half-decade, I’m literally guaranteeing you will be successful. Reason three: I have a mountain-sized-pile of 5-STAR results based testimonials from my clients–the same client’s who’ve helped me become RANKED AMONG THE TOP .001% INTERNATIONALLY for SALES COPYWRITING. These testimonials show the most important thing you should consider before you buy sales copy–real results that real people have gotten by leveraging the power of custom-created NLP infused sales copy.

You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. (By the way these testimonials are NOT made up.)

Every single one of them and hundreds more can be found on my Elance profile under NLP HypnoCopy, and even more are in file at our office in Washington’s beautifully sunny San Juan Islands.)

Now, you absolutely don’t need me to craft the psychologically compelling sales copy that’s proven to grow your business. You can try to do everything yourself…try to create your own sales copy…learn by trial and error. You can buy thousands of dollars’ worth of sales copywriting courses and waste a lot of time and energy trying to get over that “what exactly do I write?” hump…separating the cream from the curd.


You can leverage Systematic Sales Copy designed specifically for YOUR small businesses—it’s 100% guaranteed with 365 days of unlimited edits AND as you can see from the testimonials below…it’s already proven to be wildly effective. Plus you’ll get the exact instructions you need to paste-into-place your new NLP infused hypnotic sales copy so you quickly and easily make more money and generate more clients.

It’s easy. It’s professional. It makes your clients LOVE you. It works.

In addition to the instructions you’ll get for implementing your custom crafted, NLP infused hypnotic sales copy, “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers Love YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU” contains an arsenal of…

ALL The Custom-Crafted Copy You’ll Need

To Sell Your Product, Service or Solution Online

I have made getting more sales this System ultra-easy because I have done 96% of the work for you! You get all the proven sales copy “tools” you need to implement the sales copy you’ll discover. And these documents are 100% YOURS, which gives you permission to take them and use them as you like! Copy and paste snippets anywhere you’d like–(If you were to pay me to write your copy over and over again, piece by piece, you’d be investing more than $25,000 a year plus additional time, effort and explanation—so you’re getting a lifetime worth of copywriting services provided in your custom-created sales funnel System—all one done-for-you package.)

Here is a sweet sample of the custom-crafted converting copy you’ll get EXCLUSIVE rights to after you buy now:

  • Instant Action Inciting Constant-Customer-Compelling Sales Letter: Get up to 2,000 of those words that sell, crafted custom for your audience, and chocked full of the sales pattern guaranteed to deliver. With exactly how to implement it—color psychology, font, headline size, positioning techniques, images, trust elements—the WORKS! Stop imagining what it’s like to wake up to more money, and attract the best customers and finally experience it now… (Value: $3997)


  • Convert-on-Command Opt-in Page + Action-Inciting Image: You’ll get high-converting sales copy designed to attract, resonate and build rapport with your potential customers, so they enter their information and grab your freebie—seeing you GIVE value before you ask for the sale. (Value $1497)


  • Grab n’ Buy List-Building Freebie (OR Video Sales Script):  You’ll get a custom-created-to-convert-for-your-business PDF report, specifically designed to incite your customers to join your email list, grab their attention, build rapport , position you (and your) company as THE go-to experts, and convert customers into sales. (Value $7997)  * *Already have a list-building freebie? You can choose to get your report delivered as a video sales script your team can turn into a high-power sales video instead.


  • Stay-at-the-Top-of-the-Brain Sales Boosting Autoresponder Emails: You’ll get 3 months of Sales Driving, Expert Positioning Emails (30 Emails to be sent every 3 days) that position you as a value-adding, go-to expert. Plus you’ll get the strategic guidance to know when to send them, and where to send them. Simply upload them to your autoresponder, in the strategic sequence specified, and begin to see more sales. (Value $7797)


  • SEO Infused Hypnotic Articles + Action-Inciting Images: You’ll get 12 SEO infused articles to position you as the go-to expert. Emails you need to sell filled with the LSI Semantics that compel the search engine spiders to rank your site higher, so more customers who need your services find you–naturally—for FREE. And to guarantee you get that extra boost in sales, each SEO Infused Hypnotic Article includes a dynamic, proven to perform call-to-action, so you see more sales with every read. (Value $2997)


  • BONUS: “Your Choice” timing and 365 days of email consulting. That means you choose when you’d like to have your copy delivered…from as quickly as 7 days after you buy…to up to 24 months later…so if you know you want to take advantage of this offer now, then you have all the time you’ll need to get that new product or service ready to launch. Because you should only have to be ready to receive more sales, when you’re ready to receive more sales!

  The best part? Because your NLP infused hypnotic sales copy is neurologically crafted to drop your customers subconscious MIND BARRIER, you’ll resonate, build rapport and watch their trust dial turn up at MACH SPEED so they’ll be looking for your sales button immediately…

Because now more than ever, it’s not enough anymore to go for that “one-time” sale.

Like most ethical business owners, I believe you can’t just turn and burn customers–because word gets around and people stop buying. Smart business owners KNOW that crafting a system that delivers repeatedly consist sales is the best way to see your business grow and grow and grow. Get referrals. Become that go-to expert buyers seek-out.

And I’m not the only one revealing this truth. If you open your eyes, then you’ll see this happening everywhere. Look at how all the experts do it…

Of course they’re capturing their customers’ information into a giant holding tank, so they can drip-feed the dynamic sales copy that delivers more sales and higher conversions and that increases expert status overnight. So if your worn out sales copy isn’t working anymore—or you’re struggling to craft converting headlines, bullet points and calls to action–you now know why.

The fact is…

You’ll not only feel better when you see more sales, you’ll get more respect and more referrals. A huge claim to make? I agree… In fact, until I looked around and realize most sales copywriters were struggling, I didn’t become aware of just how great I had it in my business!

More now than ever, my Top .001% Internationally Ranked status means the difference to business owners…you know the difference I mean. When you wonder whether you’ll be struggling to survive in a year, or if you’ll become that cream that’s risen to the top—that business that’s around to deliver your customers the best products in a year—and flourish? The truth is that these 100% tailored, done-for-you sales converting documents are one of the major reasons why my NLP Infused Hypnotic Advertising System is the most powerful one available for business owners. You are NOT just getting rehashed copy you’ll see all over the net, or a “book of ideas” you’ll need to learn from. You are getting the actual “tools” you need so you can put more-cash in your pocket, immediately! Just copy. Paste. Profit.

Don’t think of this Suite is just a random collection of “fill in the blank” letters, by the way. MOST of my sales copy leverages the historically proven NLP language patterns and hypnotic sales copy. But virtually EVERY Tested, Proven, and never-been-shared-before Sales Inducing language pattern is infused into piece of sales copy you’ll need to convert more sales and leads. It’s all included in the most comprehensive, easy to use, effective sales copy sales funnel series for business owners available today.

I don’t even teach the most covert language patterns you’ll see at the University…

Not to a mastermind group. Not to clients. Not in one. single. book.

Fact is, unless you’re paying me $10,000 a month on copywriting critique retainer, you’d never even know they existed. And remember, since you get 100% exclusive rights to leverage these powerful words to your advantage, you simply copy and paste to get instant results and start generating a breathtaking amount of cash and clients very quickly! It’s impossible to imagine attracting your ideal clients any easier!

Picture it. What will it be like when minutes after you paste and send traffic, your leads and sales begin pouring in…

And your list grows bigger and bigger and bigger? (All people you have 100% rights to market your new products, launches, services and solutions to 24/7…even when you need extra cash for the holidays) Most business owners say it’s like seeing a line of customers out the door…

Now I know you’re probably feeling skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. I mean Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Conversational Hypnosis only converts 875% more customers when you’re face to face…or on the phone…right? So…don’t just trust I’ll deliver you results. Listen to what more of my clients have to say…

“INCREDIBLE…took rough copy and turned it into professional, easy to read, compelling copy…”


 “…gave me so much VALUE through her experience and knowledge.

If I could give her an extra star I would…”



“…I would not look for someone else if I have her…”



“…made extra efforts to ensure I was more than satisfied with her work. Thank you!…”


“Caring and passionate…went beyond expectations to produce what we wanted on time.

Do use her if you want value for your money…”





“BRILLIANT WORK…wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again or to refer associates and friends.”



Warning: Do NOT Buy Any

Done-for-You, 100% CUSTOMIZED

“Customer Compelling” Sales Copy System

Unless It Meets the Following 3 Criteria…

There is a lot of confusion surrounding sales copy. So I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any System:

One: Does the sales copywriter guarantee you 100% rights to take and use your sales copy immediately—in any way you’d like? A lot of sales copy is nothing but copied and pasted templates. The sales copywriter fails to give you any guarantee that your work is 100% unique, or if she does, she warns you not to use it anywhere else. You should insist on getting custom-created sales copy you can use everywhere you’d like, even sell it if you want…because you deserve to use it everywhere to generate more money immediately.

Two: Does your sales copywriter offer actual experience with NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy in the field? A lot of sales copywriting is written by writers who’ve never actually tested it to prove it works. Even worse, many NLP sales copywriters don’t understand WHERE to use language patterns to deliver maximum sales. And the scariest part? Most don’t even understand WHY they’re using specific language patterns—you know—they think that tossing in a double-bind here, and a riddle-up-action-intensifier there will instantly improve their conversions. They strategies they use “work in theory” but does that sales copywriter you’re trusting have real-life, in-the-trenches experience?

Three: Does the person crafting your custom sales copy have impossible to tamper with, real-life testimonials? By the hundreds? Wondering why this is CRITICAL. Be wary of people selling you sales copy with fluff testimonials like, “Great job!” People don’t want to hurt feelings—so anyone can get those. You want to see hardcore, no B.S. testimonials like the ones you just read.

By Now You’re Probably Wondering…

How Much Will I Need to Invest?

(You Get at Least A Lifetime of Your Money’s Worth!)


Comprehensive customized-to-your-clients sales copywriting suites, like “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite: The EXACT NLP Infused Sales Copy Series You’ll Need to Rapidly Accelerate How Quickly Your Customers Love YOU, Fly onto YOUR List, and Buy from YOU” frequently cost $25,000 to $500,000 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this Series. (Dan Kennedy just got $1,000,000 for a sales page and we often charge up to $25,000.00.)

Picture the results you’ll get hiring Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, Frank Kern, ALL the top NLP and Conversational Hypnosis masters of the world and the rest WITHOUT the Steep Price! (Because you’ll experience amazingly powerful results).

If you were to buy this Sales Copy Series piece by piece, you’d be paying more than $25,000. BUT I come from a family of small business owners (many who’ve allowed me to help them become that go-to expert in their field—so they’re finally getting paid what they’re worth), so I’m taking a hit to make this accessible to business owners, coaches, consultants and high-caliber professionals—now you’ll get the custom crafted NLP Infused Hypnotic sales copy (complete with the embedded action inciting language patterns you need) for just $25000.00 $6497 When you stop and think about what it will feel like to know you’re milking your online sales from every possible angle—you’ll finally get to take a deep breath and relax! Just imagine the respect you’ll get from your customers and competitors. Without hype or fanfare they’ll deem you the best business owner in your industry…

Sound hard to believe? Even your family will find you a less stressed out, more pleasant person!

So what’s my hidden move? Why am I practically giving away my time, energy, years of hard earned EXPERTISE and effort?

Well, it’s NOT because this sales copy suite is designed to sell you a more expensive suite. You get everything you need in this Suite without having to buy anything else. (I really despise watching clients get raked over the coals with scams like that.) And, once you see how your new “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” Sales Copy produces leads, clients and profits for you’ve only started to imagine, you’ll want to continue to refer business to me (just don’t refer your competition). Again, you’ll not need to buy anything else. Plus, I get to live my passion and mission which is helping business owners like you finally feel on top of the world when you see those sales pour in! AND I know I’m helping your customers get the best products in your market. It’s really a win-win situation.

Oh, and here’s another thing: While I’m not going to try to persuade you into thinking there’s a limited supply of this Secret Sales Seduction System, I will remind you that I refuse to outsource—and MY time is limited. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and I have to sleep and hug my kids sometime, right! So if you buy now, you’ll be securing your space in line so you’ll get your sales copy before it’s too late.

You can even request it rushed to you, so you’ll get it all within 7 days—but only if you’re in a hurry to see more sales.

The truth is… The reason I want you to give the “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” a try is not because “supplies are limited’. There’s no supply of sales-sucking copy coming out of my brain. Besides, gimmicks like that would only lower my credibility. The “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” belongs in your business armory because I want you to stop worrying about getting clients, stop spending your hard earned money on “sales copy books” and rehashed templates (that convert at a meager .01%) and other schemes that simply prove you’ll fail again!! Many smart business owners believe that reason alone is more than enough to order “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” right now.

If you’ve tried to write your own sales seducing copy, then you probably realize this is an easy decision for you to make… because at just $24997.00, $14997.00 $6497, if you apply it to your online space, follow my action-inciting image and color-psychology suggestions and grab even ONE snippet from your customized “Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite” to use anywhere else in your marketing funnel…the additional business you’ve imagined will easily give you thousands of times return on your small one-time investment.

Seriously, you deserve to stop and think about it for a moment…How many clients will you see rolling in before you quickly make back your investment?

My Personal Guarantee

You have a FULL 365 Days to examine everything, and request any edits or additions 100% FREE. You read that correctly. There is no additional fees for editing, like you’ll find when you hire most sales copywriters. No “I’ll edit this tiny percentage of the copy, and then you pay me more”. No teeny tiny print or weasel clauses. No “better remember every detail you want to include now—or else…”. Just request edits within 365 days. Yes, one FULL year. It’s that simple and straight forward.

But be forewarned… Don’t buy now if you think this will help you become a better sales copywriter, because I’m not here to force you to learn how to write your way out a paper bag. Only buy now if you’re looking for a customized to compel YOUR customers to convert sales copy suite that you can copy and paste anywhere you’d like to see more sales. When you click on the big button below, you’ll suddenly be transported up the ladder to the executive suite of business owners—those ones you’re always hearing about doing what you’d like to be doing—what you imagined doing this time last year—but haven’t gotten around to yet—because you just haven’t found the right system until now.


Click Here to Get More Sales…More Profitable Leads…and More Customers Now

 By now you may be wondering…

Why am I offering you this opportunity to try my proven Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite copy, completely customized to your business, at absolutely no risk?

It’s really quite simple.

First, I KNOW the SEO LSI semantics infused in your new sales copy will boost your search engine rankings—plus the untold covert language pattern techniques and strategies work BEYOND the 875% they increase conversions in face-to-face conversations–because everything, every letter, ad, idea has worked amazingly well for my clients. But, I also realize you may be feeling a bit skeptical so I want to allow you to let go of any risk or doubt you may have. As you can see from the testimonials, I only write based on a tested and PROVEN science, so you will get the same incredible results as my other clients once you put my secrets to work for you.

What will it feel like to have an invisible sales force working for you 24/7/365—without asking for a day off, whining about more benefits, or asking for higher pay?

Sooner than later, you’ll need every piece of sales copy you’ll invest in today, so I know you’ll love it, or you’ll get unlimited edits until you do!

Don’t decide now if you’ll love your high-converting sales copy the first time you get it. Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite and every word included is all I say it is. Put it to the test in your own business and then decide that it’s delivering the results you want. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and less than zero risk. Look at it this way…$24997.00, $14997.00 $6497 is just a painless drop in the bucket compared to being frustrated because you offer a great product or service but aren’t generating enough clients or making the money you deserve.

By now you’re ready to begin to see more sales and more sales and more sales show up in your inbox, and become prepared to see a flood of new people to market to on your email list and more money than you’ve ever made before (What will it feel like to finally break through that big figure mark? You’ll only know when you know).

Best, e877f29688d5927cbada57bf8182c0521.jpeg Diane Boerstler, M.NLP (Top .001% Internationally Ranked Buyer Driving Sales Copywriter & Conversational Hypnotist)




P.S. Billy Thompson—who I made so much he was able to relocate his family to the ocean–recently sent me the following e-mail…(As a member of our System, you’ll get results like these too) “You get the chance to have Diane write more sales into your life with custom sales copy, you take it immediately. I only found this page because a client referred me…and now I KNOW why. She generated more than $42,000 to my business with one sales letter in less than 3 days. I bought her Neuro-Sales Seduction Suite and the phone starting ringing off the hook with new gym owners wanting to pay me $5,000 a pop to do their SEO!”

P.P.S. You may never see this offer again. It’s not ranked in the search engines and I can’t simply create more time out of thin air to take on more clients so now is your time to take action if you’d like to instantly see more systematic, repeating sales, happier buyers, and an email list full of people who trust you enough to buy with NLP infused hypnotic sales copy that builds rapport, resonates and incites action.

Have Kids? A Business? Or Simply Want to See Higher Sales? Get This Before July 15th…


Let’s Be Honest, Shall We?

You Can’t Drive Sales Online Until Your Sales Copy Converts…

And You Certainly Can’t Get Qualified, Profitable Leads Without Traffic

The Solution?

Invest in Top .001% Internationally Proven SEO Infused, NLP Enhanced Hypnotic Sales Copy

Why? Because if you’d like to see sales flow in faster and faster every time, you need to follow 3 critical steps…


Step 1: Build Rapport By Resonating with Your Ideal Client

Step 2: Anchor Trust to Your Product, Solution and YOU So You Become the “Go-To” Expert

Step 3: Incite the Action You Need So Your Vision Becomes Reality–And You See More Sales, and More Profitable Leads that Fly in Faster and Faster as You Build More Rapport with Your Clients

Listen, I’m more than just a top .001% internationally ranked sales copywriter. I’m a mom of 3 and a successful business owner, so I know how summer activities and vacations can dent the budding entrepreneurs wallet…

That’s why we’re willing to take a hit so you can increase your sales during the time you need money the most (whether you have kids and you’d like to see more sales so you can pad your account for those Fall activities, or you’re an entrepreneur who simply wants more cash to do more fun things this summer)

What the catch? You’ll only get 50% off your sales page if you decide now is the right time to invest because regular pricing returns on July 15th, 2014–and you’re 1 of the first 10 to contact us below.

(And if you’ve been with us for any length of time, you know that we haven’t offered this SPECIAL on NLP infused hypnotic copy for more than 3 years)

Current clients are already snapping this up, and last time we offered this special, it was gone in just 3 days…

So if you’re serious about growing your profits in July, and you’d like to grab your spot before the remaining 10 3 have evaporated into thin air simply contact us and share your vision in the box below.

Because this is first come, first serve you will hear back from us to see if you qualify for the 50% discount within 48 hours…






Discover the #1 Commonly Overlooked Secret to Scaling to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings… And 4 Writing Strategies that Get You Google Love


What’s the secret to crafting converting content that forces your website to the top of the search engine rankings?


top-secretMost business owners don’t know. 

I can tell you one thing–it has less and less to do with “long tail keywords” or “get lots of comments” with every rabid “animal” Google launches to knock down your website…

So why is Google (and Bing) ranking some websites above yours, when you “have all the right keywords, meta-tags, site-maps” and other miscellaneous SEO industry lingo?

Because of the LSI QUALITY OF SEMANTICS in your “content”.

What are LSI semantics?

To put it in plain-Jane language, it is how the new “smart” search engine algorithms interpret the meaning of your content–based on both your long-tail keywords and especially the words that surround your long-tail keywords.

Sounds a bit like rocket science, doesn’t it?

Here’s the bottom line.

Google (and your customers) may see your SEO or SALES content as spam.


Because it doesn’t deliver value.

In fact Google’s latest algorythym update (which effectively knocked down more than 70% of websites search engine rankings) places a lead-weight on top of websites who focus solely on selling, drowning millions of previously savvy businesses in the process.

By now you’re probably wondering…

How can you deliver unbeatable value with your website content? 

While I would love to tell you the answer is simple, it’s not. (See the 4 Steps Below)

Just like you’d hire a top sales copywriter to deliver words that sell your product like ice cream on a scorching hot summer day, you should hire an expert to handle your SEO–from top to bottom–including your SEO infused online articles and press releases.

How do you know you’re hiring the best SEO expert?

For starters…

You need to make sure they understand your long term goal–REVENUE. 

And you need to make sure they know

how to get the RIGHT BUYER TRAFFIC to your website.

Consider this, why would you bother getting more traffic, when you can’t convert that traffic to CASH-IN-HAND CUSTOMERS…

So watch out for SEO Experts who say they need to make changes to your website, unless they’re also top conversion experts (there are a few of us dual-mastery teams out there who can deliver results on a small business budget–you don’t need to hire a large ad firm to see results you can appreciate!). Or “experts” who say the need to change your sales copy to focus more on SEO than conversions–because they’re dangerous. You’re just paying them to put your business at risk.

What about if you’re currently working with an “SEO Expert”. How can you find out if they’re the “real deal” or just using copycat, old school methods that will get your website banned by Google’s next animal temper tantrum?

Well, if you’ve already retained an expert, ask them for their list of top keywords they’re ranking you for…

And if they hand you a list of the same keywords you can easily find yourself on Google’s Keywords fancy new tool–RUN.

Most people (and many experts) don’t realize that Google only shows about 30% of the ACTUAL KEYWORDS you should be using, which means you’re increasing your competition by using only the words they provide.

Why? More money for Google and Bing.

In fact, after you’ve engaged their services they should be able to provide you with a list of long-tail keywords that can be weaved into powerful LSI semantics articles–articles which will get you more love from the search engine bots. 

The truth? 

SEO Infused articles (whether they sell your product, build rapport, or position you as the go-to expert) is only one component of your entire search-engine traffic boost strategy. 

If you’d like to get to page 1 quickly, and remain there through Google’s next algorithm update, you’ll need to do more than just post SEO infused articles.

Of course want Social backlinks & High PR backlinks–all built into different “shape” and “dimension” configurations (we won’t bore you with the details)

And you’ll want to make sure that all of your meta tags and article titles and urls are search engine optimized (for more than just the top ten keywords Google says you should use)

There’s a lot more to it. In fact, SEOMOZ, one of the best SEO firms in the world for large businesses says that there are at minimum 25 major steps, and 100’s of smaller substeps you must take to get your website search engine optimized.

Unless you have time to sit around optimizing all day and keep up with constant algorithm changes you’re better off hiring an expert.

No matter what, remember this…


No website means no qualified leads or exchange of money for your products and services.

That’s why you need SEO infused copy that delivers search engine love…

So here are 4 simple strategies you can leverage when you’re crafting your articles, whether they’re designed to position you as the go-to expert, build rapport or sell your products and services.

#1 Write your SEO articles to provide an answer. Think about the questions your customers want answered before they choose a service or product like yours–this allows you to both position yourself as the go-to expert, build rapport, and close the article with sales copy so you see an increase in profit. How to articles are a common spin-off of this type of writing…

#2 Write to elicit an emotional response. When you right your articles, especially if they are on controversial subjects, make sure you’re eliciting the response you want from your potential customers–because that emotional response anchors to you, your products and your services in their reticular activating system–and becomes a key component that determines if they trust you, love you and do business with you–ever.

#3 Write to share your point of view and ENGAGE your potential (and current) customers in sharing there point of view. This transforms a “you talking at them” into “you speaking with them in conversation”. It shows you’re staying relevant with current topics, and the needs of your customers. And it shows you care and pay attention to their beliefs, wants, needs and desires. Just make sure you respond to their feedback!

#4 Write to share your SECRETS. Always ask yourself before writing, “What do I know that my customer might want to know about how to save time, save effort, save money, make more money or experience less stress?” If you show that you’re interested in providing REAL LIFE VALUE to your customer by sharing a few steps they can implement (by doing what you do, or providing services or products you provide, of course).

As always, if you’re too busy to complete all of the 25 major steps and 100’s of sub-steps to rank your own website on page 1 of Google (and all the major players) within 60 days, and you’d like to see more of that targeted, BUYER traffic stepping through the virtual doors of your online or offline business, you’re welcome to contact us now about our SEO Domination and NLP Infused Sales Copywriting packages.

Hiring us to increase your REVENUE through SEO Domination and NLP Infused Hypnotic Sales Copy will obviously allow you to focus on the working parts of your business you know best, and you know you’ll profit from the most.

Please Be Warned: Even though we’re top .001% internationally ranked above the competition, and we’ve received 100’s of replies about how “your services is the most affordable for the value”, we can’t guarantee you’ll see the best results by working with us until you click here to contact us today. 

*SEO Domination packages are affordably priced at up to $997 a month depending on how quickly you’d like to see more conversions and sales with no contract. In fact, if we don’t get you to page 1 within 60 days, we’ll work for however long it takes to get you there 100% FREE–so bring us your most competitive and challenging SEO problems if you’d like to see more sales. No Contract Ever.

*NLP Infused Hypnotic Copy is custom quoted based on the scope of your project, and provides unlimited edits, amendments and answers to your most challenging marketing questions for 365 days at no additional charge.


Naturally Hypnotic Marketing Words




Want to Sell More for 50% LESS? Click Here Now…


Magic Words are just that, MAGICAL

You don’t even notice when they are  used to grab your attention.

Wondering WHY they work?

The truth is  our society has already ANCHORED these words to a feeling of excitement for you.  Using a word that has a preconceived societal meaning and triggers an automatic physiological response (with an ANCHOR) will begin to get you the results you desire almost instantly. Plus the word slides right past the barrier in their subconscious mind.

Words You Should Strive to Use in EVERY Piece of Sales Copy You Write

Free, You, Your, Announcing, Introducing, New, Secret, How to, Guarantee, Guaranteed, Magic, Magical, Easy, Suddenly, Now, Improvement, Sensational, Amazing, Phenomenal, Remarkable, Revolutionary, Startling, Miracle, Offer, Quick, Easy, Challenge, Hurry

The words listed above are the industry standard for instant-rapport, instant-excitement marketing words.

The words listed above are the industry standard for instant-rapport, instant-excitement marketing words.

You see the everywhere, which means one thing–they’re overused.

 Want to discover the  most commonly overlooked words guaranteed to generate the highest possible conversions based on my experience writing across more than 300 industries for more than 1,000 clients?

Everything else you needed to know was kept behind lock and key in my Secret Swipe Vault–until now.

For a limited time you can get free instant access to all of the NLP Infused Hypnotic Marketing Words, Rapport Building NLP Sales Copy Patterns, and YES even the conversationally hypnotic phrases.

How? Click the button below.


Top 20 Most Powerful Hypnotic Marketing Phrases and Techniques


Marketing phrases are everywhere. You simply cannot avoid them unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no access to media or store or product of any kind.

Your box of cereal is full of hypnotic marketing.

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is anchored to your subconscious desires by marketing.

The only way to truly avoid marketing phrases is to sit atop a mountain like a zen monk completely blocking out the world around you.

So how do you easily leverage the power of trillions of dollars spent on marketing by billion dollar generating companies every year to overcome your clients’ objections?

Copying is the best form of flattery.

Listed below are the top rapport building, sales compelling, income skyrocketing marketing phrases of 2012…and Beyond.

Technique 1: Turn a Direct Order into a Question

Sign the Contract Now


Do you have a pen to sign the contract?

Technique 2: Invitation Breeds Exclusivity

You’re invited to…

Technique 3: Opening Your Customers Mind Sans Pry Bar

Would you consider…

You might agree that…

What if you were to…

Technique 4: Pandering to Group Beliefs

Many people believe…(fact  or idea you want them to believe.)

Everyone knows that…(fact or idea you want them to believe.)

When people like yourself…(face or idea you want them to believe.)

Technique 5: You and I are the SAME

If you are like me you’ll love how easily you can now _____.

Technique 6: Pandering to Your Customers Intelligence

You are probably already aware of the fact that (people who do xyz reap the reward.)

You may already be aware of the (benefit you get) when you (buy xyz widget now.)

Technique 7: Eliciting Specific Emotions…Backdoor Style

You’re going to feel amazing when (you realize how effortlessly you can profit from a small investment of just $1.00 per day.)

Technique 8: Anchoring Your Customer in the Moment by Identifying Where They are and What They are Doing Right Now

As you sit here listening to me/reading this/watching this you might (have already starting to relax knowing that your problems have been solved.)

Technique 9: Eliciting a Feeling Using the Mind

Think of how (feeling) you’ll feel when (end result generated by your product.)

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you discover how easily you can make 5k, 10k, or even 15k a month when you promote the Unlimited Income Generator 3000

Technique 10: Tell them what you’ve told them, and then introduce the next “logical step”

We’ve __________, and ____________, so_________________.

We’ve explained what you need, and we’ve discussed how our amazing gadget has propelled your competitor to the pinnacle of success, now you’re probably wondering how soon we can get our amazing gadget to your door.

Technique 11: Eliciting Agreement with a Question

Wouldn’t you agree that … (state your position or fact about your product.)

I just love (product benefit and how it makes them feel), don’t you?

Everyone could always use some extra money, wouldn’t you agree?

You’re interested in making an extra 5 grand this month, aren’t you?

It’s important to feel that you are receiving the best possible service at the lowest price, isn’t it?

It is REALLY fun to use these when talking face to face with friends, family, and clients and watch as they go into a trance of head nodding for minutes straight. Try it!

Technique 12: Ramping Up Word Power

There is a HUGE difference between the words Sometimes, Often, and Frequently but only in terms of the feeling of power and security they invoke. Doing something two times per week can be Sometimes, Often, or Frequent.

Would you rather see:

People who buy our widget SOMETIMES double their income

People who buy our widget OFTEN double their income

People who buy our widget FREQUENTLY double their income

(Dare we say always?)

People who buy our widget ALWAYS double their income.

Always is not the same as Sometimes, Often, and Frequently but use it WHENEVER you can get away with it and not throw up red flags.

Technique 13: Two Benefits to You

Would you rather (sign when I bring the paperwork by today) or (sign when I take you out to lunch to celebrate tomorrow)?

Technique 14: Future VS. Stagnant

Wouldn’t you rather (take one tiny step toward financial freedom now) than (remain stagnant in a life devoid of any hope.)

Technique 15: Is It in Fact a FACT?

In fact, (state your belief about your product or a negative belief about a competitor’s product.)

In fact, thousands of satisfied client love how ABC product save them over 50% on the cost of their energy bills every year.

(BRILLIANT because we have recently discovered that the subconscious mind just determines the words “In fact” as a solid, black and white, take it to the bank FACT)

Technique 16: Embedded Commands

Aww…the super naughty world of embedded commands. Every conversational hypnotic writers dream. Simply put you hide a command in a regular sentence.

The commands below are bolded and italicized.

I’m not going to say (that I am the perfect person for your job opening) because (that might be too pushy.) What I will say is (benefit to buyer.)

How to (easily start learning a new language in just 10 days)

Imagine if you could (effortlessly lose 5 lbs in ugly belly fat in just 2 weeks) without ever lifting a finger!

Technique 17: If….Then

If you find the home you want today then you can sign the papers tomorrow morning, right?

If you (get what you want) then (you will do what I need you to do to make the sale), agreed?

Technique 18: The More You The More You (another embedded command trick)

The more you exercise with Ab Thrasher 10000, the more you will see powerful results of your ribbed, hard bodied abs in the mirror.

Technique 19: Sooner…or Later? (More Embedded Commands)

Sooner or later, (you’ll realize that now is the perfect time to take advantage of our low interest financing)

Technique 20: I Know that I Know

I know that (fact). I also know that (benefit)

I know that you have a fleet of 400 trucks. I also know that you’d welcome the opportunity to decrease your company fuel costs by 50%.

Technique 21: What’s Important

It’s Not Important that you buy a car today, what is important is that we have the right car for you

Technique 22: Considering the Benefits

As you consider the benefits of (hiring one of our highly-trained graphic designers) you might like to (look at our portfolio of award winning work.)

Technique 23: Relevant Fact

Now this may not be relevant to you but (people who have used ABC Window washing every year save thousands of dollars because they have to replace their windows far less often)

Technique 24: Take it Under Advisement

I wouldn’t advise you to _______ until ____________.

I wouldn’t advise you to buy this Mercedes until you feel absolutely sure of the fact that this is the perfect car for you.

Notice all of the embedded commands in that one!

Technique 25: Experience

Experience shows that people who invest in our stock trading system reap 125% returns in 7 days or less.

Technique 26: Cause and Effect

When you decide to (buy xyz product today) you will (reap the benefit.)

Your decision to buy (xyz product) will cause you to (experience extreme relief.)

Many more powerful phrases exist to drive sales but some of my favorites are listed below. The idea behind most of the conversationally hypnotic, NLP style phrases I use come from the INDUCTION phase of actual hypnosis. They cause customers to relax, drop their guard, and listen closely.

Now, I don’t know about you…

Let me explain…

And best of all…

It’s OK not to (buy this product today)…

As you can imagine, I’ve reserved my best bag of “Top 10 Sales Copywriter in the World” techniques for clients like you who understand the value leveraging powerful expertise…

If you’d rather vault over the ‘learning curve’ like an Olympic Track Champion, simply contact me with your project details and I’ll get back to you with the ‘wait’ time, and a guaranteed flat-rate quote. 


Advanced NLP Hypnotic Advertising Language Pattern Techniques: Set Your Prospects Emotions on Fire with Questions

How frustrated are you about your customers lack of interest in your products?

How curious are you to discover how to get your customers emotionally excited about what you provide?

And How much excitement would you feel rising in your body if you were to suddenly see more sales, by infusing an easy to use language pattern throughout your NLP advertising and hypnotic sales copy?

What are all of these powerful questions examples of?

Emotion Activating Questions 

What is an Emotion Activating Question?

Most simply put, it’s an NLP language pattern that allows you to put your potential customer or client in the perfect emotional state, so you can begin transitioning them through your Open Nested Loop Patterns (Anchor or control their current emotional state, transition through curiosity, provide the solution, anchor to their emotional objection anchor state, transition through curiosity, transition sentence, provide the solution)

How do I craft my own Emotion Activating Questions?

By following the simple template below, you can begin infusing this powerful NLP advertising language pattern technique anywhere you want to increase sales. 

The Pattern: How (list of emotions) are you feeling right now about (their current situation)?

Step 1: Determine which NEGATIVE emotion you want to start your open nested loop with:

How frustrated, angry, and beat-down are you feeling right now about…

Step 2: Determine their current situation. Here’s a hint. It’s the PROBLEM you’re solving

How frustrated, angry and beat-down are you feeling right now about being forced to pay 2x’s as much for your home.

(This would be an example for a company that helps people pay off their mortgage in 10 years)

See, it’s relatively simple, except for one tiny hiccup…

How do you know WHICH emotional words to use? And how do you know the exact words to use when describing the problem you’re solving?

For that, there’s an easy (I mean stupid simple 20 minute solution) which you can learn more about right here. 

And remember, if you ever have questions, or need help creating that invisible sales professional who sells your products 24/7/365 (and only get’s paid once!) then you’re welcome to contact me now. 

ADVANCED NLP Advertising Language Pattern Techniques Made Easy: Assumptive Openings with an Embedded Command Spin

“Obviously NLP Hypnotic Sales Copy Works. Fact is Top Ad Agencies Use it to Drive Higher Sales All the Time…

And Naturally, You Want to See More Sales this Month, and Beat Your Biggest Competitor, Or You Wouldn’t Be Reading This…”

What are both of these powerful sentences examples of?

The type of Assumptive Openings you should consider weaving into your NLP advertising and marketing sales copy. 

What is an Assumptive Opening?

Most simply put, it’s an NLP language pattern that allows you to connect something they already know to be true, with a statement you want them to believe. 

Where should you use these? 

Everywhere you need to change your customers or clients belief before they’ll buy from you. 

How do I craft my own assumptive openings?

Here’s where it becomes a bit tricky, but by following the template below, you’ll be able to infuse this powerful NLP advertising language pattern technique anywhere you want to increase sales. 

Step 1: Choose a word that implies that what you’re about to say is ALREADY TRUE

Words and phrases you can use to start your Assumptive Openings sentence include:



Now more than ever

Many people agree

(Doctors/engineers/lawyers/tax accountants) agree


Of course


For this particular example, I’ve chosen the assumptive word, “Surely“.


Step 2: Write the new belief you want them to agree with 

(SURELY) our widget 3000 is the best your money can buy


Step 3: Insert an embedded command

Now here’s where the NLPHypnoCopy patterns outshine the competition. Instead of simply stating a related fact, question or compliment–we increase the prospects desire to take action with an EMBEDDED COMMAND

(Surely)(our widget 3000 is the best your money can buy) so if you’re ready to get BENEFIT, BENEFIT, BENEFIT, then you’re ready to click the BUY button now. 

(From here I would lead into a short blurb about how “you’re not committing, you’re only trying it. In fact, you get to prove how much BENEFIT you’ll gain for a full XX days, and if for any reason, you decide you want your money back, I’ll personally return it within 24 hours…”)

If you have any questions about how you can put powerful NLP language to practice so you see more sales in your business, please do feel free to contact me at 


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